Back To Home

It’s raining cat and dog,people rushing on the streets.

Silence.The hostel seems to be deserted.

Mid-sem break is finally come to the door.4 days seems legit a bit,it is not even enough for us to assume it as a small break,way too small. We finished Probability And Statistics test 1 in the main hall at 6.30pm, walking sluggishly back to our apartment.

Heavy pours,sun gone.

Quite a relieved that half of the semester had been passed, but it simply indicate that we left another half toward the end.
Scared? Yes, the entire sem is simply a disaster, the homework, the knowledge, the stress level overload.

I packed up my stuff, and waiting for the cab for going Medan Gopeng. For the very first time, I travel with HS juniors, Dickson, Junwee and Wen Hui back to hometown.

The rain never stop, it splashes on the running shoes on our foot. We squeezed into the rented vehicle, and the taxi driver drift like a F1 motorists, very soon, we reached at the bus station.

Not yet, we had our time in MCD, all the way until the moment before bus departed.

And bus departed, once again, we are on the way, back to Batu Pahat.

The place where the heart belongs to.

High-class bus with top speed, we were transported along the PLUS highway. Rain keeps turning big, it softly hit on the shielding glass with “tada tada”, it’s eerily dark throughout the bus. Passenger sleeping, and giant snored.

I pulled on my jacket to cover my head in order to muffle the sound. It was an insomnia night, neither because of the sounds or the degree of shaking. Simply, I am just too anticipate to go home.

It had been over a month since I last back, I was not able to go back in between due to the class on Saturday or club events which popped-up during the weekends, frequently.

The night is still young. Excited, and sleepless.

Around 4.30am, finally, we reached at our destination. I am so glad to see my dad fetching me on the bus station. I bid adieu to juniors and happily go on board.

And I was homed: time to sleep.

First day of November 2012. Hello, Batu Pahat, so nice to see you again:)


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