Geotechnical Lab

Geotechnical Engineering is among one of my favourite subjects this semester,it is just like a sequel to Geology, Geomatic and Concrete Technology, but it study soils into details, which make it very different from any of its pre-equisite.

Basically, this subject beautiful in the way that it is essential for civil engineer to understand soil mechanics which play roles in foundation of building and the strength of the land beneath.

We got a good lecturer, Dr.Baharom. He is a funny lecturer, making thousands of interesting example in the class. And his favourite quote is nothing more than:

“When you go back to your apartment, you can sit down, get yourself some coffee and cookies…”

Setting aside the lecturer, the laboratory session is tough yet relaxing enough. I do enjoy the lab sessions every week, it is the real time we sprang into action with practical, not just studying and studying and studying , in vain.

We had conducted few lab so far. First day, we brought along hoe and bucket to the field, and dug a big hole to collect soil. The weather is so hot, making the soil mixed up with our sweat XD It was thrill to do such a harsh work and indeed a nice experience to me. The soil collected was then sampled and dried over 24 hours. We measured the moisture content from there.

The report part is bit of lengthy, writing discussion made me understand deeper into the particular properties, and hence develop my interest even more into this subject. At least, I am enjoying doing it ^^

The second week, we did soil sampling, into few portions for the future usage. The brownish was always found to be stained on our innocent lab coat, but at the same time it just beautifully painted our hard works on it.

Today, we did another two experiments. I volunteered for one of the presentation. Never prepared before, try to talk spontaneously but it wasn’t as smooth as expected >.<

We did particle size distribution and specific gravity today, both are not really hard. Enjoyed the moment working together with my teammates: Shahir, Yana and Zuhdi. Gonna buck up for the upcoming lab session.

And finally,I finished this post, must find myself some coffee and cookies!


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