I am not really liking the weather recently,especially these few days- for this instant you realize sun is there,but with twinkling second the clouds invade,creating heavy pours to the earth.Out of sudden, the sun reappears, pretending nothing happen.Sarcastically, you saw a rainbow.

That’s basically how I lead my life for the first two weeks in new semester.

The weather is getting me to fall sick,too bad.

Ain’t going to explain the things happened during the past two weeks, it’s too redundant to be explained, since that the beginning of semesters are almost similar for the past 7 semester. Attend new courses, class cancelled, sleep, play hard, buy books, stuck in poverty, do registration, eat.

And rain.

At this moment, I swear not to participate in events anymore for this semester, enough for the experience gained, time to put the focus back on study. However, committing toward my favourite club Rotaract and HOT, I believe that it will still a balanced life.

The sun burned our skin, and yet we out to play with fire, fearlessly.

My result for last semester revealed last night, I am proud to get a very good result. It’s not my personal glory after all, I owe a big thanks to all the friends who helped me from week1-week14 last semester. Cheer up!

Squeezing under an umbrella, we stepped over the plain of rainwater on the floor.

And so on, the life continued.


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