Trees Planting Program

Hi,my name is Lucas.

I am a Rotaractor from Rotaract Club Of UTP. This is the day that I participated in a tree planting program which was held over Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Selangor.

I am not very sure that whether will this be a sunny day or not, as we departed from UTP since 5.30am.

Thanks to Rotarian Arthur for helping out, we are able to get a sponsored bus which transports 30 of us to our destination, locating far far away from the campus.

The journey was a short yet tough one, I doubt that is everybody sleep soundly for the two hours elapsed.

We were awaken when the bus stopped at a rest house along the highway to have a short ablution and breakfast. Later, the journey continued.

Another one hour slipped away, and we found ourselves in a rural area of Selangor, there is only one straight road all the way, and the rickety bus manage to found the destination shortly.

Not yet, a muddy path with 1.25 km that require we stretch out our legs and walk. So called the entrance, here it is.

Sort of exciting, since that it make it more likely an adventure to me. We walked meticulously, but the mud just too disobedient to stain our shoes with orange. Bloody orange.

The briefing was ended, we were late. But the organizer kindness was portrayed when the friendly PIC re-explained the tree planting procedure to us.

We were entrusted with the obligations to plant 160 trees totally, with tools and trees provided.

The walkway toward the inner part of the jungle shouldn’t be considered as a walkway, since it is truthfully grassy, kind of feeling where you are walking on the bushes which had been stepped over thousand times, which make it slightly walkable.

And the process is not easy after all.

First we got to send all the small trees manually toward each bamboo stick, which indicate the location of planting. Removing the stick, and dug a deep hole. Next, carefully remove the plastic bag which hold the soil of the plant, and put the plant into the hole. Lastly, buried the hole and tied the plants to the bamboo stick, neither too tight or too loose.

By that, we repeated the steps for quite some time, cooperate with each other until all our hands getting dirty with the blackish soils.

At least, it’s a very nice experiences for all of us, where I seems enjoying the moments a lot.

Upon we finishing the jobs, it’s the fun session that we washed our hands together with the river water, making fun with each other stories and the cam whore never stop.

The ending is a quick one, took place at the assembly point and we packed our stuff for going back very soon.

Again, the 1.25km muddy road.

The journey back to UTP is tiring, as most of us were exhausted from the activity, but it’s satisfied enough. Thinking back, we had just did something green to the environment, even though the efforts is so small that it cannot contribute too much, but the community service is good enough to raise the awareness of the participants, and seizes the situation of doing something great for the future generation and our mother earth.

Planting trees, planting hopes.


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