Holidays And The Travelers

This sunny holiday,we travelled down to Klang,Shah Alam,Port Dickson and Seremban for enjoying the blissful vacation with bunch of university friends.We left every place with a contented heart which the feeling shall not fade as time goes by.Thanks all:)

Klang—Shah Alam—Port Dickson—Seremban

The beginning of the journey,Klang famous dishes Bat Kut Teh!
Seh Hui’s parents and Yee Hong enjoying the feast with us,thanks a lot for their kindness for transporting us from place to place 🙂
Setia Jaya Mall,a new one in Klang
Some of us watched “Premium Rush” while the others walk around for shopping
Crispin,don’t walk into the light!
Dinner at a upper class Chinese Restaurant,but we manage to whet the appetite with reasonable price
Highly recommended,very tasty feeling for the beverages I ever order!
The fountain dance with the music 🙂
The GIRLS in our trip whee~
Mr.handy doing promo
We waited for the bus for so long time,taking countless photos while waiting

Klang—Shah Alam—Port Dickson—Seremban

We managed to get to I-City by horses after all
With big white tree
The group photo taken outside the snowwalk
Cool,I love the slide
I am frozen all over my body here,super duper cold >.<
Snowwalk is a nice place to visit,at least it is more worthy compare to Genting’s
And we were playing football inside the snowwalk,hahaha
The sunflowers tree in I-city,it’s beautiful awestruck us
Mesmerizing,isn’t it?
Do you remember the KFC’s crew hitting people happened before?Try to figure out where was here
Go Go Merry-Go-Round^^
The hotel we stayed is Prescott Hotel,each person pay RM28,good price
Double dude!
We found that the hotel is with swimming pool facility at the very last minute
Breakfast at a local kopitiam,enjoying the foods of the vibrant city
The middle fellow suddenly squeeze between the girls,pretending he is nobody XD
Photo with Ah Ho before he back to Sarawak
We,on the train,on the way
Where is Crispin???

Klang—Shah Alam—Port Dickson—Seremban

On the way to Bus Station,Michelle and the smelly longkang?
Terminal 1 Shopping Mall,we try to take photo on the stage and ended up in getting scold ^^|||
The bus to Port Dickson successfully made everybody turn into sardines in the breads!
Walking toward Joshua’s house,and dogs barking at us all the way for welcoming our arrival
Very nice experience to handle fresh coconut in Joshua’s house
Kelvin,so called the Coconut Killer
Everybody like a BOSS!
Joshua father and sister,thanks a lot for the treat,nice Curry Fish :]
Beach at night ^^
Peaceful night,playing water at seaside
Another morning start with Nasi Lemak of Port Dickson
Supposingly having fun with water at PD, but we were having mountain climbing!
Lighthouse at the top of the mountain +.+
Over the mountain we reached at a beach,it’s beach!
And the view never disappointing us
We realized that there are two sides of the beach,it is a cape actually 🙂
Little little cute cute hermit crab
After mountain climbing,we experienced the renowned Rojak Mee in PD,nice and spicy!
The greatest pleasure to have ABC during a hot afternoon =)
Family Store,with Beers!

(Photos on the beach site to be uploaded soon..)

Declare,learned a new game wakaka
The sunny morning,having breakfast at a local Chinese food stall recommended by Joshua

Klang—Shah Alam—Port Dickson—Seremban

AEON Seremban 2,the journey continued
Tablets frenzy
And the photography maniac
We saw a hot chick in the AEON Seremban 2
Last stop,Seremban Siew Pao Town
Delicious local specialties,we all bought a lot
Bye bye,see you guys soon :)!


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