Shivering Experiences

Yes, we did took part in Open Innovative Challenge last week. Gladly, our prototype won the silver medal at the end of the days, which is definitely a greatest pleasure for first-timers like us.

It is torturing to know that our initial concept had actually been implemented in some corners in Malaysia just few days before the competition. Khai Zhen, dropped the bombshell and we all quite panic at the moment. Thankfully, we manage to sort the things out and make it innovative instead of “totally precisely extremely similar” to the current system.

But at least, we are happy that without knowing this system had been used, we actually had figure out the same thing, great minds think alike!

And hence, we went to the exhibition with the dear prototype, poster and confidence to Chancellor Foyer, getting everything ready at our booth.

You might be wondering what we did for our OIC, basically, it’s some sort of Intelligent Car Parking System.

You don’t say?!!!

For particular, our objective is to solve the problem that drivers use to depend their luck to find empty slot in parking space, hence we had come out with some sort of electronic board that will hang on the junction of car parking, which will display the number of free slots and indicate three directions with respect to the available slot.

Once a car park at the desire location and blocked the sensor’s receiver, the number will decrease by one, in case that there is no more empty slot at certain direction, the direction light will be turned off as well.

Refer to the demonstration below, the highlighter represents the car while the LED at top left corner is actually the light indicate direction.


The complete prototype is shown as the following, we place the sensor somewhere around the inner right area.

However, in our real concept, we plan to replace the “one-to-one” sensor system to a more advanced “Radio Frequency Identification” where one sensor can cover up a wide range of receiver instead of one, base on the “tag” received by drivers upon entering the car park. It’s much more complicated to be explained.

The judge came very early, Kelvin and Khai Zhen the presenters, did well in convincing the judge even though some obstacles were faced during the process.

Then it’s our leisure time to rock the SEDEX.As well as visitors rocked our booth!

Kids do love cars,isn’t it?

And our competitors are all techno-pro, just looking at others prototype make me feel that OIC’s standard is a wow.

Saluting and respecting other participants, it’s way too awesome! Perhaps they can park their vehicles inside our parking later? XD

There are two gold medals winner this time, one of them is the man’s peeing machine below:

The prize giving ceremony took place at the second days at undercrove, we were all nervous to listen to the outcome.

Four possibilities: Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal or… nothing.

And hence, we were so exciting to understand that we are categorized into the “Silver”, rumours even told us that we are the silver team that closest enough to gold, but we are satisfied anyway 😀

We went back with a contented heart, and perhaps, will have another opportunity to take part in OIC again before ETP wave came.

Before that, once I again I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the group members, you made my sem 🙂

Specially thanks to Daymon, Khai Zhen and Matthew for everything…

And one more, our dear Leader, Kelvin!



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