Oh I See

I thought of joining Open Innovative Challenge before, but lack of aspiration and initiative had pushed all these things to the back of my minds. Now, finally, my first ever competition in UTP come across.

Thanks Kelvin for inviting me into the team, it’s really a big pleasure for me. We have him as debater leader, Khai Zhen who initiate to form a team, Daymon as the useful technical man, Matthew the prototype pro..

And me? I am not really contributing in terms of the knowledge because the entire concept is based on electronic invention, but I did do whatever I can, to be in part of this team, in which I do enjoy to work with the teammates from different courses(ME,EE,CE), which broaden my horizon and it’s a totally different feeling compare to working under an event.

And now, after lotsa of meetings and device try-out, we had completed our prototype, full-concept, poster and presentation stuff, to be showcase during the SEDEX exhibition on next two days.

You might be wondering, what is our innovative challenge?

Our Prototype

Stay tuned =)


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