Ipoh,Ipoh…and Ipoh?

I admit that I had been so lazy for these period,less update compare to before.

I even lazy to write a proper introduction for this post.


Allright, My first four weeks of academic break my personal record eventually…

Which is…


The most frequent visit to Ipoh!

And I even feel lazy to write out the details,pictures will tell,isn’t it?

Laser Batlle,a must try game.I heard this is the first ever laser tag game targeted to student,in Malaysia!
This dessert is called “Snow Dream”,can be found in Green Town and it is healthy and delicious =)
Guess what?This is the oldest,first and main shop of Old Town Coffee!We went there lim kopi and Seh Hui is being interviewed by China Press!
One of the Wednesday,me,Seh Hui,Jie and Ho went down to Ipoh for shopping.The pic is taken at outside of Hospital Raja Permaisuri*just happened to pass by
Perak Chinese Society,we went there during a trip to look for sponsorship.This place reminds me of somewhere similar back to my hometown =)
At Pejabat Museum Perak,took photo with tanks like a BOSS!
DAORAE Korean Restaurant,I feel regret to order the cold noodle,because it is really cold with ice!
A very very famous soya in Ipoh,and you can understand it by noticing the anticipating expression of my roommate!
Got the chance to promote RSF tickets to auntie uncle,it is a very nice experience indeed=)
At Aunty Lee picking cake for Daphne =D
Way back to UTP at highway,way back to reality :]

Time to back to study,all the best for all of us yo! =)


4 thoughts on “Ipoh,Ipoh…and Ipoh?

      1. 我有机会也要去玩看。Midvalley也有,可是好像很贵勒..要多多人去玩比较便宜。

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