New Friends And Classmates In This 4 Months

I had been sticked to my group of close friends for the past 5 sems. When I finally left this comfort zone and try to intermingle with others in my new academic structure, I get the chance to met a lot of new friends and classmates in my brand new life. Now, week 14 is over and I am so glad that these people had actually be there with me for 4 months. Honestly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the seniors and some juniors who treat me really well this semester, without you all I am just nothing. This post, exclusive written for my dear new friends met in management, accounting, marketing and finance classes =)


Robert: Having class together in Marketing, Management and Accounting.

It is the biggest surprise to see him in my first day,first class! I know Robert since foundation and he is such a helpful and resourceful people. Possesing the leader traits, he is just like a leader among us and I am really glad to start my new life with someone familiar. Currently having some problem in the week 14, but I believe he will recover soon, thanks Robert!


Alison,Malika(Turkmenistan),Jessica(Mozambique),Ibrahim(Egypt): Group mates in Finance for project and presentation.

Most probably my favourite group in this semester. We five are just like the frontliner in Finance class who always occupy the front sit in the class. It is my pleasure to group with them in our projects. I am the one who do compiling and I realized that my international friends had deep perceptions in the investment area which differ from the local. Jessica, Malika and Alison are in the same  batch in BIS and they show me a lot of confidences in themselves. Ibrahim sit next to me and we had plenty of stuff to chat on everytime =)


Alison: Definitely the person communicate best with me.

Alison! Another Jerantut friends in my collection. Haha, due to same age and share a lot of common topics to talk about, she is the person who don’t have any gap when communicate with me. She is kind, friendly and resourceful and really help me a lot in the academic. Thanks for all, Alison!


Pavanjeet,Pradeep,Izzah,Kelvinder: Aloha same batch EE gang! Class together in Management and Acoounting.

Another big surprise in my life here. Four of them are my batch and they are planning to take minor in management too, only that they just take 2 of it this semester. If you know them, you will definitely how hilarious they are, make me always laugh whenever they are besides of me. With their appearance I feel less tense and always laugh laugh laugh. I do appreciate to have my EE gang here and all the best for Analogue and Signal!

Ah Kek

Ah Kek:Nah!Finally a Chinese from my batch! Marketing class together.

The most stunning moment when I saw Ah Kek entering the marketing class that day. Shocked and happy that he is also aim to complete minor in management like me. We sit next to each other in the class and Ah Kek do absence some time(Okay Kek,its quite a lot.). He is quite busy lah always go KL, but I had a good chance to know a Meche guy rather from my coursemate, happy after all and all the best for our final dude!

(p/s: This photo with Kek was taken in an awkward moment where many people looking at us.)

Chin Yong,Me,Simon,Robert

Chin Yong,Simon,Robert: Same group for project and drama in Accounting.

It is thrill to be in same group with my SENIORS, however they are more like my friends instead of big brothers to me. We had a very memorable role play that day and I will never remember how these people acting “Y U No”.”Yao Ming troll face” and “faster,baby want come out liao”,awesome and cool!

Simon,Chin Yong

Simon,Chin Yong: Final Year Second EE, same class in Finance, Accounting.

I will never forget how we met, because I start to know these two people when Simon asked me,”are you the monitor of this class?”. Among the closest friends of mine this semester, Simon and Chin Yong are really experienced people I met this sem due to their seniority, and they are kind to me, absorb things very fast, and solve my puzzles in the classes always. So sad that they are graduating soon in this October, but I really hope that I can take SBE with them next semester. Chin Yong once said to me,”to be young is so good.”, yes thanks man I will appreciate my life here =) I wish all the best to these two people in their future, Jiayou!


Kamar,Syamim,Arunana,Fatahiyah,Jiayan,Azlan: Same group for video presentation in Management.

I am so lucky to be arranged into this big group for our video making. Syamim as the leader bring us together and had quite some of the meetings. We divide the tasks,and even though not meet each other frequently, but we had a nice final video for that, thanks to Kamar, and all the efforts by the other members! Half of them are going intern next sem, Kamar get placement in UMW,wow! All the best to your all and I really like our video,just as Pn.Nonie did. =D


Fata: Same class in Management.

Besides than being in same group in video presentation, Fata is a Johorian! And she is one of the very rare “juniors” I met in my classes. I am glad to know you and hope you continue to be a BIS experts in your study ya,first year first sem,long journey to go ahead, gambateh =)

Too many names to be mentioned!

…: 3rd Year 2nd Seniors PE, marketing class together.

My cousin batchmates! Due to that they always like to mention my cousins when talking to me,haha. A very big group indeed and I know some of them since before(those hiding behind). They enroll to Marketing quite late and always come to class in group. They are going to intern next sem, meanings we will have less chances to meet in the campus already,sad case. Anyway,glad to have these seniors in class so that lecturer will be distracted when he asked us on hard-to-guess-the-exact-word questions.

Kheng Keat (KK)

Kheng Keat: Same group for two group assignments in Marketing.

There are two group assignments we need to do. Both are submitted completely due to KK efforts. I must really thanks him for taking the initiative in the group, and guide the rest to complete their works. Even though there are some unhappy things happened between the group members(which definitely not including me),but at least we finish it, right? =) Hehe, all the best for your Intern next sem!


Azam, Anti,Boss,Izzah,Anis,Alia: Range from first year first sem to final year final sem, group for teambuilding exercise in Management!

From the task of building a tower and drawing our flag, I felt the spirit of teamwork here! We are team rocket with the team cheer of “To The Infinity And Beyond!” I feel very proud to be in this team because we made a high and strong tower at the end. But it definitely not by lucks, we actually did a lot of preparation for that such as going Tesco to buy the cheapest tape, stealing the sands and meeting until 1am. All the efforts paid off at the moment Pn.Nonie failed to kick off the tower, thanks all! For everything =)

Teammate from teambuilding exercise!

(Top Left):Izzah- Immediate after we took this picture, the photographer said “you two look like Chinese!”, while Pradeep and Kelvinder add,”Fuyoh, this is Scandal!”,hahahaha

(Top Right):Anis and Izzah- Anis from first year first sem,my first impression is,wow she is soooo thin, a very big contrast when she stand beside BOSS!

(Bottom Left):Alia- Alia is just like a big sister taking care of the rest in the group, she is an organized person and confident in every aspect of our project =)

(Bottom Right):Boss- Like a Boss! Nice to know Boss through the teambuilding, he had a bigger body structure compare to us, but with a friendly inner self. Honestly, I am so gald to met Boss and his painting is cool also!

Han Shen

Han Shen: Going intern next sem, having Marketing, Management and Finance classes together.

One of my batchmate’s senior. He did well in the classes because always answers and asks the lecturers questions while others are confused or lazy to do so. He take short sem last semester, but don’t want to go intern because he hope to go with his batchmates, having quite a similar story with me. So good that he will complete all 5 courses in minor this semester, while most of us still have subjects not yet taken. Han Shen is sort of easy come easy go person who like to joke, all the best for interns!

Accounting Classmates During Dramas

(Top Left): Azlan- first year second sem, meanings same batch with me, nice to meet him in management,finance and accounting class, I believe that after all, we will meet frequently in the campus,hehe

(Top Right): I felt so familiar with the face, and suddenly, realized that the man was in ISC election before where there are plenty posters on it.

(Bottom Left): Lilie- thanks for helping me for the accounting homework that day, glad to meet you =)

(Bottom Right): Henna, Nikita, Arunan, Micheal- Seniors, quite shocked knowing that their role play’s storyline describing that they accept fraud, its a very creative way of presenting the idea =)


Farah,Anis: Having class together in Marketing and Finance.

Two girls sit in front of me in Marketing class. In facts, not really had chance to know them more, but at least we have some opportunities to talk to each other. Farah is helpful in jotting down the points in class, I got borrowed her notes once when I absence. Anis, hmm, I remember vividly she once block me on my way to class and informing me the class was cancelled, thanks a lot=)

Kayathiri and the groups

Kayathiri: 3rd Year 2nd Sem, having Management and Accounting class together.

Kaya is also one of the people who took short sem during previous holiday. I take initiative to talk to her in our first day of classes, and she share to me information on the sponsor stuff of PETRONAS regarding short sem. The photos was taken during their role play and her group’s performance is amazing and reflect more on real life, because I saw Miss. Hezlina’s eyes are glowing XD


Yudi: Another Indonesian friend I met, studying in Marketing and Management classes.

My first impression on Yudi is:”he looks like a super star, isn’t he?” The first time I got to know him is when he suddenly came to me, and asking me on the stuff taught in class when he was absent. He is competent in speaking English and hence we had no barrier when communicate. He is a nice talking person and really, like a super star!


Payaam: The guy sit behind of me, having Finance and Management classes together.

If you asked me what will I think off when mentioning Payaam, my answer is definitely “IRC”! I go IRC frequently and always, see Payaam there with his books or Laptop. Payaam come from Iran(if not mistaken), we always had some time to chat on the way from IRC to class, and he showed to me his different perception in things. The most significant thing about Payaam is about his laptop’s desktop, which happened when he lent it to Pn.Nonie one day, when the laptop computer was connected to the screen, we saw a big Yao Ming.jpg   XD

It is long, but in short: My conclusion is, I am really proud of meeting such helpful new friends to go through all the happiness and bitterness in my lonely life here. For me, these people is just like a glimpse of light in the darkness and shining throughout my journey in this 4 months. Even though now the semester is toward the end already, but I believe that I will always keep these friendship in heart always.

At least, some day when I finally graduated, working, and turned old, far away in other corners, there are some people who worth to be remembered :’)


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