Life Goes On

For such a long time didn’t update my campus life.I once telling myself no matter what is the circumstances,I should jot down this semester situation.The reason is this semester is simply so plain,I am quite worry that if the upcoming life is hyper fantastic, I will just forget the feeling I had now. Even though I take lesser photos,in facts,loneliness kill my passionate on that,but still,my life until now is not that bitter than what I expected,okay,I should start.

I admit that the time passing so fast,maybe I had lead a contented life here,in another word,just busy here busy there.

Few weeks ago,my last event of this semester was ended -Childpro 2012. The last activities is the exhibition held at Pocket D for 2 days,my memories was not really clear on what had happened that 2 days exactly,but I can remember my booth shift is on Tuesday and that is an early morning;I just need to set up the booth,as simple as that and my tenure as committee ended.But still,I am proud of joining this event,helping the kids for their provision just something meaningful to me.

The same day,I heart peepop-peepop all the ways when I going to take my exam result slips.Guess what? I was able to collect it which indicate no outstanding-PETRONAS sponsor me this sem! I was super excited because previously there are so many uncertainty where I may not be sponsored because it is just minor in management. But I felt relieved and tell this news to my parents immediately, they are happy too!

Then I started to go back home frequently,my mum is heading to China for 10 days and I am entrusted with the task to take care of my younger sisters. I do house chores like a housewife with my sisters. The life is just bit hard to survive without mum and we were so happy when she back! Meanwhile, I hanging out with friends along the period at hometown and watch three movie: Hunger Game,Mirror Mirror and Battleship. All are awesome! I means my friends =)

Then back to school,the assignment and tests is just irritating, but proudly said that I score both full marks for my Test 1 in accounting and finance, which is quite a satisfaction for me. Principles Of Finance’s presentation is the most enjoy and happy presentation I had experience in my life. The environment is not tensed at all and our team topic is on real estate investment.At the end, we even chit chat with Mr.Amzairi on FengShui even though our group have least Chinese students, it was fun after all.

Accounting role play is another memorable performance we had. Our team are formed by three good good seniors and me- Robert,Simon and Chin Yong. We cooperate well and I found that they three really good in acting! Toward the end, I am just feel good to get to know these seniors this sem which I treat them like my friends more,the funniest gang I had =)

Teambuilding is the most splendid program organized this semester by MOB. We need to design a flag and build a tower using limited materials requested. I am a civil engineer and for sure, be assigned to build the tower. I gave ideas and the teammates helped to innovate it, and tada! We successfully build a high and stable tower in the end, even the kick-test cannot make the tower fall like others tower. I am so liking the teamwork we had and I do have the most precious time this semester spending in this teambuilding with my dear teammates.

And now is week 13, tomorrow will be week 14, after that study week start.My final will start late, making my study week extended from 5 days to 14 days.Gotta work harder this time, and I will spend my study week at home =)

All the best for minors,Low Zhen Teng!


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