Happy Week

Well,I must admit that the things in this semester just go on harder without spare a thought for us,but still,there is something that worth the wide smile on your face =)


My mother sent me off at the bus station,I am so unwilling to back to school even though I will be back in 10 days time.Taking LRT and switched to another bus in KL,the city is still as hectic as before.Reach UTP at late afternoon,and guess what?I met Ah Xiong who just drove back from Terengganu at the main gate,and for sure I had a hitch-hike!Rotaract Induction Night is attended by lesser people compared to before,but the content still rich and good,I wonder why people didn’t discovered the good side of us?


I got a new roommate even though I stay in Single Room,dang dang dang dang!Kelvin is here!For convenient,I modified the table space to make a seat for him.Lending him my sleeping bag,where later on I found out he didn’t sleep much.During to my 6 hours class on Tuesday,I am busy like an ant.Popped up quiz in marketing class and I squeeze my brain to write a 2 pages essay for 40 minutes.Accounting class still the funniest for me and we learned the way to close the impermanent account.


Being a climax of the week,the event Week-I-Media had taken place where most of the committees are from our batch.Happy to see them again and we take care of the activity booth of the event. MOB test is super difficult >.< The UTP election also happening,and we rush in to vote,WHEN WE KNOW THAT THERE IS A LUCKY DRAW GIVING OUT IPAD FOR VOTER!But we didn’t get the prize after all.Besides,we also go high tea at SR and Hui Qing car even stucked in Pasar Malam,Ha Datang!That day is also dear Shi Hao Birthday,quite a sad case I cannot celebrate with him,can only send him a big card and talk to him via phone,but I am not the “surprise!” kind of people after all,hope this boy be blessed,happy birthday^^


I am not so sure what had I did this day, but most probably is also taking care of the booth and keep talking a lot. The finance class is intensive as always,but in facts it is really fun to analyses the financial statement from different angle.We finally have the Rotaract Department Meeting since Jenny is also back,make the number to be 4 of us.We discussed about the upcoming trip to hot air balloon festival,and for this time I assign WH and MJ more tasks because it’s almost time to pass the throne already.After two days of staying,Kelvin was going to back,I bid adieu to him and thanks him for stay with the lonely me along these days,see you coming May ya=)I called mum at the night and share a lot of things happening with her,my cousin’s wife gave birth on Tuesday!


And the pace was slowed down finally,I met Mr.Zul with Jenny and finally submit the proposal to SSSD. I spend my morning to jaga the booth. I walked around Popular and bought some books I am looking for finally. The day is peaceful and I sadly say goodbye to the batchmates when Week-I-Media is finally ended.


Which I supposingly to wake up very early for the sake of a community service with Child Pro at Vision Home,Ipoh. But since Melvin had informed that the visit is postponed,I no need to do so.Just awake,refreshing what happened during the weeks and blogged it down.I have the Marketing assignment to do,hope that 5 pages won’t kill me,and will have first department meeting for Red Sonata Fiesta tonight.

Sunday?It will be even plainer than the weekdays in my opinion,but I enjoy the silencio sometime,have a good weeks ahead friends!


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