Why so racist?

The university had actually dropped another bombshell to us since last week concerning the curfew which will be implemented soon most probably.
The news spread within few days and with lightning speed,stirred the online world,university students discussed the issue intensively.
Facebook page,petitions popped up very soon as expected.It’s good to voice out the minds,nobody will blame you,but somebody just love to talk beyond the limit,which eventually stirred the whole thing.
Following is one of the comment which is on the top among the catchier:

#29 guest

Dec 11, 2011, 17:13

the root of the problem is “gejala maksiat”.

the solution : just expell/fine them Rm500 them is just enough to make this pigs learn to control themselves. y involve other innocent people in this matter? just terminate them la.

also to those chinese girls, please respect others by wearing proper attire here in utp. y u always wear hotpants? want to be a slut huh?

respect the people around dumbshit! we have norms here! sorry for being racist but there is no way to talk nicely here.

dont tell me to be professional in expressing my thoughts. tell yourself to dress proper first bitch!



Well,this is totally racist.Making me speechless.

However,I am not gonna to criticize back any harsh words,as my friend told me once:”If you think that they are discriminating your races and feeling hatred and sense of revenge,then you too,are nothing more than a racist people.”

He is totally right.And I have no points to tarnish the reputation of my blog here.

I just wanna to express something here,when you shown your disrespect toward others,that is just a sign of how dumb you are. And the act is not only representing yourself,but your family,society and country.



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