Grown Up

There is a once upon a time,when I was interviewed by Time’s Magazine Reporter,he asked me,”What is your favourite food and the least u like?”,then I will definitely gave the same answer,”I can eat anything,except prawn,sotong and Guiling Jelly!”.Well,his face looked like having a world class standard puzzle to be solved.

He must be wondering…WHAT THE HELp IS THIS GUILING JELLY==?

And the next day,Time’s Magazine was published with headline of,“Katy Perry’s old nanny looks in “The One That Got Away”” where I am totally ignored.

Really a stupid bluffing,back to the topic lah ooi!

Why no Guiling Jelly?The reasons seems obvious=)

Pets are really the best companion of human besides than Pokemon,no doubt.

Every once I come back to home,they become large a tinge,just like they are showing to me,“See,you can’t find any creature that is fresher and younger in Carrefour than us!”

And I so like to play with them,even spending the entire afternoon;let them scrambling around,feed them their favourite Xie Liu and bath them in water,and these had been ongoing for 6 years,not tired,never.

I loved the three tortoises I raise just like I love my family,but my mum stopped me when I wanna to share Dad’s Birthday Cake with them,she should buy vege flavour cake next time~Anyway,Happy Birthday to my dear father and sister on 10/11 and 13/11 =D

I shall not writing too long,since these three will never able to read this,until next time,see ya ^^

11.11.11 You are love,love is all.


4 thoughts on “Grown Up

  1. We all know your love for your tortoises la haha. Seriously I’ve never really met them.
    And I don’t get your first few paragraphs at all. Let’s just assune that you’re in love with Katy Perry then 🙂

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