Youth Social Responsibilities

It is actually a project which our team had been sweat and toil putting efforts in it for 2 months,now it’s ended with flooding memories and satisfactory.YSR was implemented by Rotaract Club President Ritchie to me since the day I was elected as the HOD of Professional Development Department last semester.I felt miserable as I am the sort of people who rather being lead than leading others.But honestly,I am happy to be the person chair this program by having bunch of committees who are always cooperative and never disappoint me,at least,it truly make my day at the end of the event,sincerely,thanks.

And we faced so many obstacles along the preparation,from the super blur proposal typing,dangerous proposal approval period,bus request,facilitators requiring,itineraries overview,details preparation up until the final meeting. One of the memory that really standing out to me is,when I alone went to St.Micheal Institution to propose our idea to Principal of SMI, Miss Loh.Luckily Rotarian Arthur was there with me(and I visited his lawyer court roar~), giving me courage and confident when presenting the idea,and I success; Miss Loh was very positive with our program but she suggest us to change targeted students from Form 5 to Form 2 because Form 5 will soon have SPM but Form 2 monkeys will be super free after their final exam. I agreed and soon announce it to the committees and we made changes to the initial proposal to fit our new targets.


Youth Social Responsibilities


Rotaract Club of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS


4 November 2011 (Friday)


3.00p.m. – 6.00p.m.


St.Micheal Secondary School


120 Form 2 Students

So everything goes well,except my throat which start to ache few day before the event,and it really sounds sexy at all =X

The day finally came and we scrambling up the UTP bus,chit chat along the way and surprisingly,half an hour later we realized we forgot to bring the printing materials!!!Okay,calm down,calm down,it is not possible to turn back and take it,so we make a big decision to omit some extra part,but reprint some important materials on spot.Truthfully,we over-budget because it is costly than our expectation,moral lesson learnt? It’s better if you don’t understand.

And we reached at St.Micheal finally,the venue Auditorium is smaller than our thought.I felt dizzy when saw the spectacle because the school authorities didn’t uphold their promise to arrange 120 students for us,they did it 200 students!Sooooooooooooooooo many,but we still able to control the situation due to a super experienced MC we had,Loosen~So without delay 16 facilitators entered the auditorium in orderly manner and we start!






Gather at V2 Cafe Please have your lunch before coming and smart casual.


Journey to Ipoh Please read through the flow and Chin Seng take camera from ZT.


Ice breaking

The Boxes

We play the music,and pass a box,when the music stop,the people that get the box will kena

The box they pass is a box that is wrapped by many layers of newspaper

each time the music stop,the person get it need to tear off one layer

if there is still other layers on that box

means that person is safe

then we continue to pass the box and music start over again

and then music stop,another person who get it need to tear one more layer, up until somebody tear until no more newspaper

then he lose. Got twist at the end.


Brother Vincent’s speech Please respect the speaker and lower your voice.MC try to ask background from speaker.


Quadrants of brain Presentation Wai Hun and Ming Jia will do the presentation,ask students to be quite.


Break Reminds students to be back at sharp at 4.20pm,got GAME!Read through again the rules of XY Game.


XY Game Break into 3 group,bring the 2nd and 3rd group to empty class prepared,further split into 4 small groups.Then conduct the game, remember the twist start from 7th round onward and have a test run before game start.


VAK model test Facilitators please scattered around and make sure the students do the test,help them to explain if the words is hard.


Closing Rtn.Desmond speech>Cikgu Omar speech>Souvenir presentation

The first slot is Brother Vincent inspiring speech.It is initially belongs to Rotarian Arthur’s session, but he informed us that he will be absent due to a sudden grand dinner at KL,so he find a friend replacement for him.Brother Vincent is a senior citizen and a foreigner which thundershock us a lot,and his speech,hmmmmm,I hope the Form 2 Students understand and learn something from that =D

Due to the previous session ended earlier,we lengthen the time of ice-breaking which was conducted by Woei Luen.In my opinion,this slot was quite successful as it really brought a lot of laughter and fun which was absent in the speech before,and every layer tearing was exciting enough and I can feel that the kids really enjoy the moment.After the two “unlucky” who tear the last layer,they are call upon to stage,and rewarded with a bar of chocolate instead rather than punishment we mentioned earlier,what a nice ending yo!

Next,Ming Jia and Wai Hun start doing their presentation on the Quadrants Of Brain,when MJ speaking,they looks like not really concentrated,BUT,when Wai Hun start her parts,I hear the growl of wild wolfs,Awwwwwwwwwww~These small wolfs give their 100% focus!Later on during the Q&A session,we have some cute kids fight to answer the question to get Wai Hun,opps,I means the chocolate,and the winner did earn a lot of jealousy from his friends,haha XD

Then we have a recess for them,and the facilitators discussed on the games later and stapler the reprint materials,it is nice to saw everyone worked together to finish the stapling=D

Back to the auditorium,the kids still looked energetic so we also charged up our power to conduct X-Y Game:







Each “Y” wins 1 point.





The “X” wins 3 points.Each “Y” loses 1 point.





Each “X” wins 2 points.Each “Y” loses 2 points.





Each “X” loses 1 point.The “Y” wins 3 points.





Each “X” loses 1 point.
  1. Remember 1 test run.The game will play for 10 rounds.Each rounds,a piece of paper will be passed to each group and the group need to decide whether write X or Y.
  2. 1 mins later the paper is collected back and the faci reveal their choices and record the marks,and repeat the game until the 6th rounds end.
  3. B4 7th round start,faci request each group send one representatives out to discuss the strategy for last 4 rounds,try persuade 4 of them to choose all Y for the entire game(that will be better for all).
  4. Then 7th round start,after the paper is given to each group,faci announce that from this round onward the point win or lose will multiply by factor(2,3,4times…),this is in order to lure them to have other option to betray others group.
  5. Games end,sum up point and announce the winner,if there are betrayal group,try to ask other group on their feeling,says some moral values from this game.

I am in-charge of one of the teams at an empty class room,the room which was filled with 60 students and 5 faci which is quite uncontrollable,and I need to shout my sexy voice out to have their attention,and the games run smoothly but created dragging in the time eventually,and thankfully the kids play well and,betray well for us to speak moral values after the game=D

Then,is Felicia and Jenny presentation on VAK study skills.The students are quite enthusiastic to do the test noisily.During this time I am quite free,and have a chance to talk with the teacher in charge,Cikgu Omar on our program objectives and the details,and some teacher even request a copy of our test=)I found myself really change a lot in these period where the me in high school will never ever be so proactive to talk to the teacher,I am growing up =D Felicia and Jenny did a nice job in presenting the idea as this session was actually the most crucial part in YSR.

Then we came to the closing,fortunately we did it before 6pm because the closing speaker Rtn.Desmond claimed that he need to closed his pharmacy shop before 6pm =) We are glad for having Rtn.Desmond be there for the speech and the souvenir presentation to the school,and Loosen did a nice ending,and we finished=D

Youth Social Responsibilities finished ^^

There are so many people I need to express my sincere gratitude to:

Thanks Felicia,your assistance along the way are the biggest help to me,thanks for reminding me a lot of things I tend to forget…

Thanks Loosen,you actually give me a lot of guidance and advice,without you I am lost,but you lead me to find the way…

Thanks Kenric and Huey Juin,for bringing computer and preparing the slides,the technical part are all smooth after all…

Thanks Jenny,for being the secretary and need to do so many informing and report even the events end…

Thanks Woei Luen,for always giving priority to RACUTP and I really see your passionate in joining activities…

Thanks Ming Jia and Wai Hun,for ur presentation,I can sense a lot of potentials in you two and promise me to keep it up…

Thanks JC and Sau Hong and Khai Zhen,for willingness to join us and your help in the X-Y Game…

Thanks Calvin,for helping us to arrange the photostating and you did well in control the situation too…

Thanks Chin Seng,Ah Kek and Kien Yoong,for holding the camera and your cooperation,nice nice nice lah…

Thanks everyone,this time,I end YSR with a big smile



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