Being Positive

Is it cute?

I shall say,’The Smurfs’ is more beyond cuteness and excitement,it is a totally positive movie event of the year.

I watched this fantastic show in Time Square of Genting with my two younger sisters,it was a nice moment that the cinema was filled with laughter brought along by the little blue ancient creatures.

“They bring luck.”

I bet all the audience will never forget the lovely song which is always be sung by The Smurfs,the antagonist “Garbage Smell”(I burst into laugh when heard that) and his highly-adorable cat,and the human characters that accentuate the good of smurfs members which suddenly appeared in their life,and a lot more memorable scent.

Well,I shall not talk more on the story,but I will say that The Smurfs is a must-watch movie which do bring a lot of happiness and warmth to the tensed-up life nowadays.Even though it don’t have bombastic visual effect,but the animation and 3D technique sure will win back what it lost.

For me,my commment is:”Best of the year!”

And this will be the last post before my Final Examination,up until 13th September,see ya friends =D

Being positive,that’s all.


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