I never expect that I can be so excited while designing my Engineering Drawing project on construction of a buffalo,Oops,I means bungalow.It’s actually a team pair work and my group mate is the only Chinese girl in the course,Jenny. We discuss for a long time on our dream house(== not that what you think) this afternoon, and I found that I am so active in giving the idea of the designing of the house layout,where is living room,where shall be kitchen and which corner doesn’t look like a building suppose to have and bla bla bla~I do love that kindda feeling as I always know,I am on the right track of my study.

During my tender age,we primary school kids often be exposed to some professional carrier like businessman,engineer,doctor,teacher and so on.I remember vividly that when primary six, we are required to write down our ambition so that it could be printed out in a goodbye-book for us.Due to the lack of objective spirit, I filled in a shocking occupation-chef.Is it shocking?So called wishful thinking,being a cook is something that never step into my life until now.Sleep and just forget it,what will you expect from a 12 years old children?

And right after that,I am still alive,hale and hearty,with totally no exact direction for my life.

Form 4,I am promoted as a cadet reporter.I would like to point out,NOTHING IS MORE FUN BEING A REPORTER!Can run around and tell the world what you have seen in words and picture,with extremely low salary!Sincerely by the money factor,I gave out on this ambition very soon==I am addicted to photograph in the same year.But photos can never fill up the rice bowl as we know(direct translation), hence, I am treating this as a hobby rather than a future occupation.

Eventually I finished my secondary education. It’s the scariest moment that we gotta to face the world without any future sight.Due to that,I bought a book that introducing a wide scope of occupation,and some psychological test that “Help” you to determine your suitable working field:
“Do you love to help people?””Yes”
“Do you love to work in a group of prefer working alone?””In a group”
“Do you think that you are a patient enough in leading the others””Yes”
As a conclusion,your result is…Nurse
LOL! I am totally speechless and swear will not buy this kind of book anymore==

I found “Civil Engineering” among the A~Z carrier,and question popped up dramatically,”Wouldn’t it be nice if I can build house for the others?”And that’s come to my final decision to pick this as my future profession.I talked to my parents on this,as always they respect my decision,I love you all!Thankfully, Petronas realized my dream and I am here now,so far so good.

Everyone should have their desire to choose what they are looking for.If you are really means to archive your dream,keep in on,don’t bother what others said.You should be confident with yourself but overconfident may be bad and fatal(?).It’s a good habit knowing where is the limits and we shall no pursue the impossibility.This is life,love what you do,do what you love.

I am determined to be a civil engineer,this is not a dream,but my future instead,and I will keep fighting,till the world end =)


6 thoughts on “DREAM

  1. Yo,Hihi Seh Hui’s friend~
    LOL, I should study architecture,but I am not-so-good in designing
    and I shall say:”I love both,but I pick the more suit me one”
    anyway,years later I can build the house u design for u lah=P

    1. hahah… i tot the email wont appear… ==”’
      i thought of taking civil in utp before. and if i do so, maybe now im ur classmates also. haha…
      anyway, good luck in everything you do… 😀

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