A Bath In The UCSI Library Sun

Bullying him~

Well,I ended up in staying in Shi Hao’s house in KL yesterday night due to the unavailability of the Bus to Batu Pahat during the late evening.Slowing down my pace of life,I enjoyed the moment here with my 12-years best friend.His house is….okay,it’s quite messy as the paper and clothes flying everywhere. I am wondering why those who lived in apartment will have such a stuff-scattering habitat. He introduced me two of his housemate,it’s kinda of weird feeling when seeing some one who u looked very often in the photos and suddely,POP,they showed up in 3D in your sight~

Hmmm,what pose?

Later at Last Thursday Night(No Katy Perry Please),he together with me went downstair to “Ali Baba Restaurant” to have my dinner.We met Thomas and his gang there.You are right,I mean the Sarah Chin in UTP.We came here together with same Plusliner and realised that we have the same destination. We had a hard time in finding the Angkasa Condominium and walked at a dark path where a sneaky people following us and make me worry. Thomas was here to meet with his secret girlfriend muahaha, and surprsingly telling u here, he is here also to redeem his Gamuda Scholarship,yeah he get it,congratulation! =) So we eat there together with his friend and with my friend,and Thomas treat us!!!Haha I am such a lucky guy^^

Pretending reading Harry Potter.

And we back to Shi Hao house.Playing around,shooting photos with webcam and chatting with Vincent via video call,it’s really fun and we are always filled the chat with jokes as before. Luckily he is also going back today afternoon, we shall meet later yo! Then we finally sleep. Chat long with Shi Hao and for such a long time we don’t have this kind of pillow talk,LOL~ Feeling good to have him for 12 years since Primary Two,even tough we always bickering between each other but we will patch up after 1 minutes or 1.5 years at the end of the day.


Today,I wake up so late and after an easy ablution we together with our luggage departed to UCSI, Shi Hao school.And I have been here once for cadet reporter camp last year. A lot of changes,and Shi Hao and me went to library here and surprisingly,their Library got restaurant in it~Even though here is smaller than UTP’s,but the facilities here are quite a high class and I do love the ambience of the Library,penetrating sunlight which filled the place with more energetic look. Crowd here and I manage to find myself a sit after he went for his class now. I met another new friend-Xue Ling here as Jenny’s Jerantut sister. We gossiped on her,shhhhh…..

Burst into laugh very soon=)

I glued to my chair up until now and enjoying the pleasure moment here,observing how the University functioning and the people around.Such a nice experience in my life.Allright, I think this is enough and Shi Hao almost class finished,happily,I am going back with him and Vincent later on,see you next time =D

At last get bullied by him~

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