What next?

For such a long time I didn’t update my blog,most probably due to my laziness which attached to me recently. I am so hoping that time please don’t pass with such a twinkling second. Here we come to the half of 2011, July. WHAT?!!!!JULY ALREADY!!!!

Honestly, I don’t like this semester that much as previous three.Meaning,dislike.

First of all,I did very bad in my ODE test which everyone else manage to do well during this wednesday.Since I enter UTP,I have not facing such a failure that my brain cannot think of any solution to some of the mathematics questions that I used to very confident with.An insomia nightmare indeed.

The assignments are never-ending for this semester,I guess every course is tackled by this problem,but for Civil Engineering,the assignments are not simply tackle us,they use hyperbeam==Geology lab report 4 essays everyweek,then engineering drawing is a drudgery,I use 1 hour for every question,then is academic writing,mechanics,ODE and blablabla…

I am thinking to not take part in any events or club any more until everything settled down.I have only one event which is URPC this semester,basically finding sponsors in UTP is not a difficult task for me.Then another kacau event NRCC which will be occured in next sem keep wanting us to sell kebab to earn money for next sem==

Also,Sehari Bersama that teach primary school students UPSR is that I enjoy the most.Clubbing in ICC and Rotaract Club,but I need to prioritize Rotaract.And I have Chinese Orchestra that practice two times per week.Allright,all of these cause me cannot join Muaythai(Thai Boxing) with some of my friends,so kexi~

And our class start from 8am from this friday to next friday excluding sat and sun.This is the worst case as we suffer everyday woke up early and walk 1.5km to class. By that I really appreciate my weekend that can sleep until afternoon like now!

A very messy post,but at least I update my life=)


2 thoughts on “What next?

    1. Ordinary Differential Equation,u can’t imagine that they actually using one course to teach us differentiation==
      By the way, I get straight Os for my OWL =P

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