Kenric,A Family Enthusiast?

All right,this post is definitely a cheat.

Such a long time didn’t update my blog. I am quite busy with the Chinese Orchestra practice of Royal Concert during the away period. Meanwhile,need to do plenty of tasks.Academic writing first assignment is nothing more than to interview a friend, and my partner is Kenric! Haha,he wrote me as a pro basketball player and what a tragic tale attached to my coach >.<

And this is my piece on writing on him,also a liar’s work.Want to know more untrue fact on Kenric,click to continue read it!

Family is always the best hospital to treat various kinds
of teenagers’ ‘ailments’. Kenric Chai Ming Chuin, who was once a hedonist,
claimed that his next-of-kin is the greatest support for him to overcome all
the hurdles and obstacles in his life.

Being the
youngest in the family of five, Kenric was born in 26 May 1992. His hometown,
Kuching as one of the vibrant city in Sarawak, is the potpourri of various races.
The multiracial dwellers in his living environment give him the golden
opportunity to intermingle with them, thus, he possess the ability in
interacting with peoples since his tender age.

As a son of a cargo businessman and a full-time
housewife, Kenric’s family circumstance is considered to be categorized in the
poverty range. By that, his family leads a Spartan lifestyle but he never
complains anything on it. “My brother and I worked as a part-timer at a
restaurant nearby to rake in pocket money in order to minimize our parents’
burden,” he stated that.

Kenric studied in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK)
Saint Joseph before. Back to the yesteryears during his high school times, Kenric
was performing badly in his academic initially due to the financial constraints.
He did feel despondent during that trying period as all the odds are being
against him. Eventually, he gave up on his studies and started to play truants.
His close relatives soon found out about this. They take stern and prompt actions
immediately in leading him back to the normal track. He claimed that during
that difficult period, his family is the driving force for him to go through
all kinds of trials and tribulations.

In addition, he stated that he was lucky to
have some bosom friends that lend him their hand generously when he was in
jeopardy in his academic. “They are optimistic enough to woo me to have my
paradigm shift in thinking,” he claimed. The unexpected always happens; he
improved tremendously when he was in Form Three and scored 7As in Peperiksaan
Menengah Rendah (PMR). Then, he was soon chosen as a prefect and entrusted with
the obligation to give more commitments to his school.

Furthermore, Kenric’s most favorite subject is nothing
more than Physics! He realized that he really have a knack in understanding the
concepts and resolving the vectors. His face split into a wide smile when we
talked about Physics. Kenric once participated in Formula One in School
Competition which enhanced his knowledge on this particular field. In his point
of view, life would seem drudgery without the existence of Physics.

On the other hand, Kenric is adept in playing
basketball since his donkey years. For him, basketball is the greatest
invention ever that has been the part and parcel in his life. During his tenure
as the school representative of SMK Saint Joseph, Kenric play basketball five
times per week. He stated that teamwork is essential; there is no place for
selfish desires and personal glory in this game. This trained him to be a more
responsible person.

Kenric is now pursuing his dream as a civil engineer
in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). He admires his brother who is currently
a civil engineer and hopes that he will contribute substantively to our country
at the future. Still, Kenric is a live-wire in UTP as before that he joins a
lot of clubs and events that help to enhance his experiences in the respective
field. He does not mind to sweat and toil in achieving success in his tertiary

Even though he is far away from his family, Kenric
always set aside some quality times to connect with his next-of-kin. His care
and love for his family never fades because he believed that “A bright child is
a credit to his parents”.

LOL,next post shall be on my first Chinese Orchestra Performance.


2 thoughts on “Kenric,A Family Enthusiast?

  1. Wow…a nice piece of writing. I mean the way you write really meaningful and im not talking about the person you are mentioning in the script above…haha. Nice one….^^

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