The Hecticolic

A brand new start of my university life in UTP – entering Degree!During the monday,I went to the Prof.Oak’s Lab to adopt my starter,which ended up in the malfunction of computer(seems like not related at all),and so he said,”Class canceled today,let’s go back home to continue our nap.”LOL

Later on,we went for the another course at 10pm,Ordinary Differential Equation at Pocket D.The lecturer looks like celebrities a lot.The lullaby that she sang really work!We felt extremely sleepy and nodding off to dream.Out of the blue,the class habis@.@ ! Luckily that was just an introday,I shall eat more energizer this semester.

And Blablabla we rush to next class,Engineering Mechanics.The lecturer is the HOD of CV department.Henry as our senior also there in asisting him.I help my roommate to sign the attendance,and unfortunately get caught==Thank tuhanness Henry dun care,or else I sure kill Yee Hong>.<

Geology as the extra burden supposed to be our next sem subject,but the respective department told us that UTP is not going to offer this course to us next sem,so we are forced to bear with 3 more credit hours this sem,sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with our beloved seniors to study it.The goodies is,we are going to have field trip to Terrenganu in 7 weeks time,whee~

Another subject is Academic Writing,our lecturer is a seniors retired principal who is adept in teaching,but a rumour shows that she is stricted in marking.Nothing much to say,just need to work hard and hard and hard in this subject to strive,I love english=)

We haven’t taste the bitterness of Intro To Oil And Gas Industry and Engineering Drawing,in short.

The rest of my time are utilized in practicing my Erhu of the Tanah Pustaka.Well,if,I means if,if we juniors can do well in this song,then next wednesday shall be my first official performance,in Konsert Diraja.As the name suggests,we play music for Sultan Perak!Hope my time sacificed and the sweat and toil can be exchange for the golden opportunity.Perhaps!

And tomorrow night I’m having the ultimately time crash ever:

  1. Sehari Bersama Training of Trainees at V2 foyer, 9pm
  2. URPC Department Meeting,V3 Cafe, 9pm
  3. NRCC EC-HICOM Meeting,Pocket D, 9pm
  4. (Maybe)Chinese Orchestra Rehearsal,Chancellor Hall, 8/9pm

LOL,I may attend the first bcause I confirm my avaibility in the mail since very early,but I felt so remorseful to my absence on the rest=(

That’s all,life still on the track,I should lead him on my way with joy=)


2 thoughts on “The Hecticolic

  1. 你们的seniors一定觉得很尴尬,跟一群比较小的同学一起上课。而且这是我们即将面对的,JPA给我们这里的新生读foundation,所以他们跟我们一起上degree ==

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