Foundation,milk and honey

Time slips by slowly without telling us and all of a sudden we find ourselves finished the Foundation study.Yet when we expect time to fly,it obstinately takes so long to pass.What am I doing now?I am having my ultimately short sem-break now,but when I take a glance at the photos taken all over the year,I will reminisment in past Foundation memories,sweetly=)

During my tenure as a Foundation newbies,I did undergo the orientation week which is a not-so-nice-experience that we get scold by the facilitator everyday.At the end,a lousy ending happened as their abulations rose that promote the idea of “Why we scold u?It’s for ur own good!”,LOL.However,the nice part is I get to know a lot of same batch newbies during that time and Quah Chee Sian is one of the best friend that eventually evolute into my roommate!

Well,since the first day I stepped into UTP,I am totally entralled with the picturesque here.How shall I describe?Mesmerizing,breathtaking,awe-inspiring.

In the three sem package,we had taken Physics 1,Chemistry 1,English 1,Pre-Calculus,English 2,Programming,Moral,Thinking Skills,Physics 2,Chemistry 2 and Calculus.5 of the lecturers is Dr,and the rest also good enough in teaching us.We had a hard time in learning Chemistry 2.We enjoy ourselves immensely in English 1,but the final exams is the thoughest ever,that’s why I’m screwed up in this course==By the way,I do love Moral and Thinking Skills where rote-learning applied that suit for person with elephant memories.Back to my highschool,I invented my huesful study style and it works for my tertiary education too,as you can see in my notes and noticeboard.

On the Cocur hand,I joined Modern Mucis and learnt how to play the basic of Saxophone Tenor.It is a opulent opportunity to touch the equipment and even blow it for the entire sem!I remember vividly I am so nervous during the music test.Luckily our teacher is a good Samaritan that give us an A,heaved a sigh of relief when it ends.

I stay in Village 6 in UTP for the whole year.My roommate switched since Chee Sian get JPA,here we come Yee Hong!Allright I still have 4 years time to talk more on this notoriously funny roommies,so let’s skip his part and proceed to my dear neighbours.All around my room there lived plenty of nice guys,besides me is Amirul and Fauzan,then we have Alvin,Kelvin,Awang,Hafiz,Mahes,Foo,Sau Hong,Iduan and a lot more.The most important part is my upper-side neighbour,Chong Yew that sing everyday in the amplitude that I can heard clearly,but I really enjoy playing around with him lah,he is helpful always=)

About my extra activities,I am happy to say that I am still the live-wire as before.I joined Rotaract Club UTP since the second sem as during first sem the seniors are having their holidays.We held a lot of itineraries such as visiting ISCPA,Installation,Tempurung trip,Medical camp and a lot.It’s remorseful that I cannot join seniors to help out in Cambodia last year due to my stupid-different academic calendar==

I also had 2 events occured during 3rd sem,first is International Culture Night 2011,and the other is Chlidren Provision 2011.I shall say both are amazing and renowned events in my school.Participate as a crew of these events give me a lot of experiences that I find is meaningful such as selling badges door-to-door.It won’t make u feel tired and exhausted when u know that u are doing so to help the needy kids.As the saying goes,”Spread the love”.

Upcoming,I have 3 events on the next semester,UTP Research Paper Conference 2011,National Rapid Chess Championship 2011,Sehari Bersama.I am so looking forward for the third bcoz it is a program that go to the SJK(C) Chung Sun nearby to teach the Primary 6 children on handling UPSR.

Life here should not be tagged with “boredom” as we always find something hilarious or entertaining to do rather than being cooped up with idle pursuits.We went shopping,we visited here and there,we ate sumptous meals sometimes.I shall say,we oftenly have our own way in frolicking even though we study in such a rural area.

Last but not least,I get to know a lot of friends here due to the Foundation class are the “Rojak” type which mix all the engineering students together.However,next semester onward we are going to have the class according to the courses itself.This is definitely a despondent story for my CV and the gangs bcoz overall we only have 28 students,perhaps more when Form 6 people come in.All the best to my coursemates Yee Hong,Seh Hui,Joshua,Jay,Ah Ho,Ah Jie,Kenric,Jenny,Hafiz,Azizian,Yana,DV,Suemeetha,Izzah,Khalidah,Zuhdi and the rest=)

Well,I think this is the end for this post,Goodbye my Foundation life,and next monday shall be a dazzling start for my Undergraduate Study,see ya soon.


6 thoughts on “Foundation,milk and honey

      1. Hey, I have to say this……I never realised your english is so good. I have to check dictionary lo when I read this post….=p

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