International Culture Night 2011

As for the above reason,I am planning to write this post in English.

(p/s:First “international” post,sorry for my Tengish-English=P)

The event had culminated by yesterday midnight with thunderous applause,which symbolize the successfulness of the 140++ committee in conducting this grand event,I am so proud to be part of them!

ICN is an annual event which is fully sponsored by the government of Perak State that held annually in UTP.It utilise the fact that our students who come from various hook and corner of the world,and provide a platform for them to showcase their contries culture.I think this is a great chance to watch the exotic performances,that’s why I am participate as one of the committee member in Booth And Exhibition Department of ICN.

April Fool 2011,and everything is in the process for the last two month.Now, finally the defining moment had came,the International Culture Night ITSELF.

I am so exhilarated since I woke up on the 1st of April.Wearing the official ICN cloth,I set off to the Chancellor Hall happily during the noon.

The afternoon is still young and I smell a fresh fragrant enamating from Chancellor Hall upon my arrival there,everything seems so energetic that afternoon.Without wasting my time,I went to find my Thai Friends who are incharged of the Decoration Stuff to have my duty.

Almost 5pm when we finished the last-minute job on the lively photography banner,I am so happy when I take a glance at our products,it’s attractive and mesmerizing in some way=)

Then I headed back to our department job,asisting Pam,Fatin and Izzat in wrapping the hampers,this is our first time in doing it,Hmmmmmmm,quite nice I think.And a shocking news is our crispy chocolate was stolen,HaizT.T

Then, we initially planning to have the delicious “Roti Impitzz” as dinner,and we sudden recalled that the committee and performancers will be given free meal as a token of appreciation.By that,we ate nasi lemak and five of us really enjoy the time.Talk a lot,smile even more=D

After that,Pam and me went to return the paintball equipment to the rental man at front gate while the rest went back to change their clothes.We had a hard time in keeping the paintball net as the red ants were scattering all around the net.We drag,we run,we hit until the small insects finally dwindle so that we can put the net nicely into Pam’s car.Pam is driving a second-hand old Mini Cooper and it is Freaking Cool car from outlook,and he told me that he bought it in Malaysia because it is a lot cheaper than in Thailand.

Finally we settled all the paintball stuff and reached back to Chancellor Hall at 7.30pm. Not many people initially because the sky is still blueish-black during that time.But very soon that the crowd started to squeeze into the hall and still alot more people buy the ticket on the site which cost more.That is what so call Malaysian-Style.From the audiences can see that more international students were attending compare to the Malaysian,all right,stereotyped mindset always is the stumbling stone for the growth of Malaysia,so when are we going to undergo paradigm shift in thinking?The answer maybe interesting.

Every audience was able to get a free glowing stick,it’s a concert style,so great=D

Then the shows finally beginned with the speech by BlaBlaBla,then was the montage created by Theseplay,and some introduction sessions and finally the performance,the flow is like this:

2.South Africa
3.UTP Bangrah Team-India
7.ISC Dance Group
14.Equatorial Guinea
16.UTP Break Dance Team
17.UTP Cultural Dance Team
18.Jabatan Kesenian Perak
19.HELP University Dancing

Some countries awestrucked the audiences with their special culture,while some planning to give a breathtaking shot.My friends and I am sitting next to a Egyptian girl,she shouted like an insane during the Egypt Part.A lot more international students are so high that they sang and clapped for every group of the dancers no matter where they are representing at,this is a nice memories indeed because I am touched by their actions,totally.

I love the Nigeria performance where they deal with football initially,then slowly shifted to the dancing part.I also like the creativity of the Turkmenistan that made the things into “Turkmenistan Got Talent”,which then ended up with the “judges” also join the boys to dance.Another one is the Thailand Cultural Dance,it’s a lovely one compare to the others and I actually know a lot of the dancers in the team.Their costume were so bling that my camera malfunction when I am taking photo for them.Nice job Ploy,Mean,Ju,Nisha and Om^.^

Then was the flag session,I don’t know how to name that lah~A lot of flag “flying” around and the performancers all assembled on the stage for the prize giving ceremony,and actually I forget about who win,but Thailand win the most-three prizes if not mistaken.

Then we came to the end of the event,but many people don’t want to go back actually,Photography time!


I am feeling so proud to study in the school that is a melting pot of people from so many countries,UTP acts like a potpourri of various races to encourage us to be an intermingle person.But I am sad to know that this year maybe the last performance from Thailand already,as the Petronas there is planning not to sponsor student anymore to here due to particular reason,but at least I get to know some of them this time lah=)

We had a last meeting before we left,a meeting for appreciation,and the P.D. even announced that we may be sponsored to go Genting,where my expression was “WOW~”,let’s looking forward for it.

Then is a ghastly scene where the sand bottle as part of the decoration were destroyed,my friends and I planning to stay for helping,we throw the bottle into big plastic bags and finally…done!

After that,Izzat and me finally left,back with a tired but contented feeling.

For more photos,view here.And the montage nice nice video here=)

A lot of people to thanks actually:
Thanks my HOD-Pam for everything,u are the best HOD I ever met=)
Thanks to Izzat,for helping me to run around and taking the photo=)
Thanks Ploy,Mean,Ju,Nisha and Om for teaching me so many Thailand knowledge all the while=)
Thanks Mew and Malik too for ur smiling everytime,I felt so warmth for that=)
Thanks Razi for being so close to my age and we have plenty things to talk on=)
Thanks Aqila and Fatin as my CV seniors,glad to meet UCITY people=)

Thanks to Booth And Exhibition Department of ICN 2011,I love my first event sooooo much,I definitely will miss this kinda type of feelings soon,please take care of urself ya~

By that,I ended my post here,with love,muackzzzzteng^.^


One thought on “International Culture Night 2011

  1. How nice huh. To meet so many people from different countries. And you’re still the old vocab master. I found a lot of words that I don’t understand.

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